Highlights of #CPSATday

(Kick start your selenium journey for as little as 500/- + taxes)

1. 6 hours Selenium 3.0 enabler program
2. Access to online program video content to continue the learnings
3. JAVA boot camp manual and video access + CP-SAT Mock exam access

Course content for the #CPSATDay

JUnit and TestNG plugins

  • Learn about the need of the testing frameworks
  • History of JUnit and TestNG
  • Installation of TestNG eclipse plugin
  • Test Fixtures and Annotations

Locator Strategies

  • Learn some concepts behind locators and some common tools to help find locators

TestNG Framework

  • TestNG Test Case and Test Suite

Running WebDriver Tests

  • New features of WebDriver 3.x

Selenium 3.x (WebDriver)

  • Setting up your Java environment
  • Installation of eclipse and creation of workspace
  • Creation of Java Project
  • Creation of the Source Folders, Packages and Resource Folders
  • Debugging and Running the tests