About CP-SAT

CP-SAT and CP-SAT Advanced are the only globally recognized Certificate on Selenium. It has two exams, 1 hour theory exam and 2 hour practical exam. To know more about the learning objective please visit the url's http://agiletestingalliance.org/sat.html http://agiletestingalliance.org/cp_sat_advanced.html

About Java Boot Camp

What is the Java Boot Camp all about ?
Java Boot Camp is part of ATA’s #TesterBhiCoder series comprising of Java Basic and Java Advanced program covering all the Core Java topics which are most needed for Selenium Automation. This is our way to get all the testers or even developers learn basic Java coding skills and later on step into their automation journey using Selenium, BDD(Cucumber) or Appium.
Who is this meant for?
This is meant for anyone in the testing field who has been into manual testing and aspires to learn test automation and thus remain relevant in agile and devops testing world. Meant for all Test Engineers, Test Analyst, Business Analyst, Test Managers, Test Leads, Engagement managers. Please note that no prior coding knowledge is necessary.

Upcoming Training Programs

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Java is a pre-requisite for learning Selenium. Take the Free Java Boot Camp and get discount on the Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT Online course.

Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT ( Instructor led ONLINE program)

  • 27 NOV 2017 - 15 DEC 2017
  • Weekday Batch

Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT ( Classroom Programs )

  • 1 DEC 2017 - 3 DEC 2017
  • Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT - Chennai
  • 1 DEC 2017 - 3 DEC 2017
  • Selenium 3.0, CP-SAT - Pune
  • 8 DEC 2017 - 10 DEC 2017
  • Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT - Bangalore

Free Java Boot Camp ( Instructor led ONLINE program )

  • 18 NoV 2017 - 26 NoV 2017
  • Java Boot Camp

Learning Objectives of Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT

Curriculum (30 hrs)

Selenium Fundamentals

Selenium history and overview

Selenium components, WebDriver, Grid

Using Regular expressions in tests

Actions, Assertions and Accesors in Selenese

Selenium Locator Strategies

Concept of DOM and Webtables

Locator and DOM related tools

Structure dependant and attributes based locators

Handling Javascript alerts, confirmation and prompts

Handling AJAX and Test Synchronization

Selenium Servers

Installing and Configuring Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse

Concept of WebDriver

Testing Frameworks for Selenium

What is Junit and TestNG? Similarities and Differences

Junit Test Suites

TestNG Test Suites

Test Fixtures and Annotations

Taking screenshots of the tests

Page Factory and POM for better maintenance and reusability

WebDriver in various scenarios

Dealing with mouse hover in WebDriver

Controlling browser attributes and navigation

WebDriver user defined actions and keyboard entries

WebDriver in various scenarios

Javascript action for scroll

Implicit, Explicit and Fluent wait

various flavours Chrome, IE and Firefox

Data Driven frameworks for Excel

Selenium Grid

Setup the Hub server

Register the WebDriver Nodes and legacy RC nodes to the Hub server

Parameterize the tests to run on various nodes

Override the default parameters on the nodes

Selenium in CI/CD

Concept of CI/CD, Automating the Automation

Using ANT for Jenkins Selenium testing tasks

Automation in Agile projects

Agile Manifesto

Agile in Practice (Video)

Incremental and Iterative development

Scrum - Testing in iterations

Testing challenges in Agile

Test Automation

Videos from previous Selenium Batch

Session on DataDriven Framework
Session on Page Object Model
Selenium RC WDB WebDriver

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Testimonials of Java Boot Camp

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12 reasons why you should not miss this learning opportunity


Value for money

The training cost is inclusive of 6400/- INR of Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT certification fee. No hidden costs. Making this program real value for money.

Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT

Only program which helps and enables you to not only learn Selenium 3.0 but also be a Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT

Individual Attention

Only program where individual attention is given

Live project Core Banking Application

Only program which gives you a live project on Core Banking Application. This helps you practice your learnings on a live project and show case this in your resume

Mock Exam

Only program which gives you practice for appearing and clearing Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT by giving you Mock exams for Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT

Licensed Trainers from ATA

Only program where the instructors are not only practitioners but licensed from Agile Testing Alliance

Lifetime Online learning

Life time access to online learning program access on Udemy (worth $20) : Selenium Starter
Life time access to online learning program on Selenium 3.0: CP-SAT

Free Java Training

Free core Java Program to kick start the selenium program

Interview Preparation

Interview Questions Bank and preparation for job aspirants


Mentorship and Career guidance at any point of life

Selenium Job Access

job requirements through our partnership with Agile Testing Alliance

ATA Meetups

Access to ATA meetups and thought leadership

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