1.What is CP-SAT Certification?

CP-SAT is #1 globally recognized Selenium Certificate Program.  The certification program is not only about Selenium but the Selenium Ecosystem which includes testing frameworks, tools and technology, which together brings the best out of Selenium.

2.Is this a globally recognized certificate?

Yes. CPSAT is the world’s only certificate which has practical assessments and can be taken in any of the three technologies – JAVA, C# and Python. CPSAT certified professionals are there across the globe. ATA is now having presence across 24 countries across the globe.

3.Can I appear the examination directly without undergoing some formal training from ATA?

Yes, by just paying the applicable examination fees, you can appear for the CP-SAT Examination.

4.What is the examination pattern?

The earlier CPSAT certification program had a single level, with a two parts exam, A. Multiple-choice question assessment and B. Practical assessment. These have now been restructured into two separate levels, Foundation and Advanced. CP-SAT Foundation will have MCQ based examination whereas, CP-SAT Advanced will have scenario-based examination. The foundation certification needs to be completed before anyone can appear for the CP-SAT Advanced or CP-SAT Expert Level exams

5. CP-SAT Exam Re-Evaluation:

  • CP-SAT Foundation:
    There is no Re-evaluation for the CPSAT Foundation exam. This is a multiple choice exam and hence there is no benefits for any re-evaluations. Due to nature of the exam, questions and answers are not shared or any details on questions and where things went wrong is not possible to share. A detailed category wise mark distribution can be requested and on such requests category wise distribution is shared.
  • CP-SAT Advance:
    For the CPSAT Advance examination, one time re-evaluation can be availed. You may send a request for re-evaluation to CPSATSupport@AgileTestingAlliance.org
    The cost for re-evaluation is INR. 2500 + taxes. A payment link/url will be shared over email. The reevaluation process will take 10 working days or more.
    If the re-evaluation marks are more than the minimum required for the CP-SAT Advance certificate will be issued. The Re-evaluation results and question wise review comments will be shared with the candidate. If a candidate still does not clear the examination after the Re-evaluation, there would be no further re-evaluations possible.
  • CP-SAT Expert:
    There is no Re-evaluation process in the CP-SAT expert exam.

6. Does ATA provide with mock questions for the examination?

Mock exams are available for CPSAT Advanced Examination. Please refer the following URL for the same: https://cpsat.agiletestingalliance.org/cpsat-advanced-mock-exams

7. Does ATA provide the evaluation of the mock examination?

No, the mock exams are for you to practice and perform a self-review. Please note that the exam has a fixed time duration, when you practice, keep a tab on this duration. ATA keeps on adding blogs with few solutions to these mock exams and other challenges. You can find them on the following URL: https://cpsat.agiletestingalliance.org/blogs. If you get stuck and not able to find a solution, please get in touch with us and we will help you.

8. How long is the certificate valid?

The certificate is valid for 5 years.

9. When is the result of the examination declared?

  • CP-SAT Foundation Examination – Since this is a MCQ based examination, result of the same will be declared within one working day from the date of examination. Exams which are taken on Saturdays and Sundays will receive their result on the next immediate working day.
  • CP-SAT Advanced Examination – This level of examination has scenario-based questions which requires writing of Selenium scripts, the results for the same will be declared in 7-10 working days from the date of the examination.

10. When will you receive the copy of the certificate?

Once the result has been declared by CPSAT Team, the digital copy of the certificate will be mailed to you within 5 working days.

11. What are the fees for the certification?

Exam Level

1st Attempt Examination Fee

Reappear Examination fee

Examination Rescheduling fee

Examination Re-evaluation fee


INR 2499 + 18 % GST  or USD 30

INR 1499 + 18 % GST or USD 20

Attendee will be given a 30 day window to appear for the exam. During this 30 day window candidate can appear for the exam as per their convenience. Once this 30 day window is over and the exam is not taken, they have to reappear for the exam by paying reappearing fee. Rescheduling fee is thus not applicable in this case.

No Re-evaluation

( Please refer point 5 above )


INR 6000 + 18 % GST   or USD 80

INR 3000 + 18 % GST or USD 40

INR 2000 + 18 % GST  or USD 30     

INR 2500 + 18 % GST  or USD 36     


INR 20000 + 18 % GST or USD 250

INR 7500 + 18 % GST or USD 100

INR 4000 + 18 % GST or USD 55

No Re-evaluation

( Please refer point 5 above )

12. Discounts for corporate registrations?

Yes, to avail corporate discounts please get in touch with us at – CPSATSupport@ATAEvents.org

13.What will happen if you have already registered for CPSAT examination before 11th July 2022 

If you have already registered for CPSAT Examination before 11th July and are yet to appear the examination, you need to appear now as per the new pattern. Kindly reach to CPSATSupport@ATAEvents.org and we will help you with the same 

14. If a practitioner has passed “Theory” examination but yet to clear the Practical section, what will happen post 11th July 2022 

If you have appeared CPSAT Examination before 11th July 2022 and Passed the Theory examination and yet to clear the Practical section, you need to appear CPSAT examination as per the revised pattern now. You need to appear both – Foundation (Theory) examination and Advanced (Practical) examination individually. Since, you have already cleared Theory examination earlier, we will not be charging any registration fees for the Foundation examination. You need to  pay ONLY for the advanced section once you successfully clear the Foundation Level.  

 15.Who can appear CP-SAT Expert Level?  

If you are a CPSAT Advanced Certified Professional post 11th July 2022 or you have have cleared CP-SAT exam earlier, you can appear for the CPSAT Expert Level Examination. Kindly check the following page for more details https://cpsat.agiletestingalliance.org/cp-sat-expert/