CP-SAT is the #1 Selenium
Testing Certificate as it is the
only globally recognized program
which tests participants
practical knowledge
CPSAT is celebrating 10 years
of very successful journey.
Most renowned global practical
assessment driven selenium certification
CP-SAT now can be taken in
the only global certification in Selenium
offering you such a flexibility.
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Certified Professional - Selenium Automation Testing
(Selenium Certificate)

CP-SAT is #1 globally recognized Selenium Certificate Program. 

The certification program is not only about Selenium but the Selenium Ecosystem which includes testing frameworks, tools, and technology, which together bring the best out of Selenium.

After completing 9 exciting years of existence, the CP-SAT certification program now has three levels.

1. Foundation
2. Advanced and
3. Expert

The earlier CPSAT certification program had a single level, with a two parts exam:

  • Multiple-choice question assessment, and
  •  Practical assessment

These have now been restructured into two separate levels, Foundation and Advanced

The Expert level certification exam has now been added to give an option to selenium experts to get themselves assessed at even a higher level

The certification exam for CP-SAT is available across various technology streams, including Java, Python, or C#.

Agile Testing Alliance, a global leader in community-driven program development and assessment, is proud to bring you the CP-SAT certification.

CP SAT Foundation removebg preview

CP-SAT Foundation

CP-SAT Foundation is a MCQ (Multiple Choice questions) based 1 (one) hour exam. Passing criterion is to score 60% or more. There is no negative marking.

CP SAT AdvancedPNG

CP-SAT Advanced

CP-SAT Advanced is a practical based 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes) exam. All questions are scenario based which must be solved and the actual solution scripts/code must be shared with ATA (For further evaluations)
Passing criterion is to score 60% or more.
CP-SAT foundation certificate is a pre-requisite for appearing for CP-SAT Advanced Exam

CP SAT Expert1

CP-SAT Expert

CP-SAT Expert exam can be taken by any Selenium Professional. This is an expert level exam to assess how you can design an end to end, cross browser scalable, continuous testing automation solution.

How is it useful?
The CP-SAT certification is meticulously crafted to evaluate testing professionals’ proficiency in testing web applications using Selenium and its ecosystem technologies. 

Its learning objectives concentrate on the most demanding aspects of testing web applications, employing the latest Selenium 4.x version and leveraging unit test frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG, Nunit, Pytest, etc., aligned with the chosen programming language.

The curriculum extensively covers Data-Driven Testing, Page Object Model, Selenium Grid, Continuous Integration (CI) integration with Jenkins and Maven. Additionally, we’ve incorporated GIT (SCM tool) integration with Jenkins and Docker containers, along with utilizing Selenium Grid on cloud platforms, all integral components of the learning objectives.

Download Learning Objectives