ATA’s latest initiative for the benefit of the Testing Community – “CPSAT Day” Bangalore Highlights

Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) has always focused on spreading knowledge and latest skills within the testing community. Looking at the popularity of Selenium and the interest in the tester community to learn the tool, ATA has launched its latest initiative – the CPSAT Day.

The event is named after ATA’s CPSAT Course which is a complete Selenium Training and Certification course for practitioners. CPSAT Day is a one day introduction to Selenium and a Preview into the world of Selenium for the benefit of beginners and manual testers.

The main objective of this day is to provide a basic know-how of use of Selenium WebDriver 3.0 from scratch to anyone and everyone interested in learning. As the major portion of tester community is stuck with manual testing jobs, getting a stepping stone into the world of Selenium may help them understand the automation concepts, and pave the way for future learning and much-needed skill enhancement.

Hence, the first CPSAT Day was conducted in Bangalore on 2nd June 2018, led by our Principal Consultant Trainer Nishi Grover Garg, and attended by many passionate testers from around the city of Bangalore. The session was designed to help the existing manual testing workforce to pick up the nitty-gritties and basics of beginning with Selenium at almost negligible cost, as a Part of ATA’s #TesterBhiCoder initiative. Testers were shown in practice the usage of Selenium by implementing two practical case-studies of real web applications, which was a great lab-based experience. Testers who attended also gain access to a number of sessions, trainings and meetups in future by ATA.

Here is a sneak peek into the event day for you :-

Also check out the feedback by our delegates who attended the event.

Also check out the feedback by our delegates who attended the event.

Feedback by Arjun after attending the CP-SAT Day in Bangalore

Sonal had attended the CP-SAT Day in Bangalore, have a look at her feedback

Vinoth from Cynosure has attended the CP-SAT Day in Bangalore, please see is feedback here

Priyanka from Cynosyre had attended the CP-SAT Day in Bangalore.

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