CP-SAT Accreditation program fees changes with effect from 1st September 2023

Dear Aspirants for the CP-SAT accreditation program and Valued ATA Community Members,

Hello from the Agile Testing Alliance (ATA)! As a thriving community of technologists, software testing experts, Agile practitioners, and a wide range of tech enthusiasts, we are constantly striving to provide the greatest educational experiences and possibilities.

As you would be aware, there are three levels of CP-SAT accreditation program

Anyone can directly take these exams as long as they have hands-on expertise in Selenium Eco System. The CP-SAT accreditation program is notable for its adaptability. It recognises that professionals may already have strong selenium testing expertise. As a result, program is an open and unbiased assessment system.

The three-level assessment process was constituted in July 2022. To maintain the high-quality of assessments, certain operational factors need revision on an ongoing basis. In last more than 12 months, our costs have substantially increased. At current juncture we have no choice but to increase the cost structure for the CP-SAT accreditation program.

Following table will give you an idea on the proposed changes which would take effect from 1st of September 2023


We realise the implications of financial changes and assure you that this choice was reached after careful consideration. This modification helps us maintain our commitment to providing top-tier, up-to-date practical assessments

Your patience and support are vital to us, and this cost increase emphasis our commitment to improving your assessment experience in order to meet rising industry requirements.

Your journey towards becoming a Certified Professional in Selenium Automation Testing is, as always, our first focus. We are here to help and advise you. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions about this change.

Thank you for your consistent help and cooperation.

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