Locator Challenge 1 – Write up

Locator Challenge 1 was hosted on 7th of October 2020. Thanks to all the participants, our mentor Mr Sanjay Kumar and the entire Jury..

Next Challenge registrations are now on. Please visit the locator Challenge page for all the details and registration information

Some numbers from Locator Challenge 1

Total number of Participants who registered = 80

Actual participation and live challenge submissions – 55

More than 55 organization’s participated in this first challenge. Kudos to Vodafone which had a massive participation.

The video recording of the session is now uploaded. Please see below.

Here are the seven questions which were part of the first challenge.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3 and 4

Question 5,6

Question 6

Write an XPath to get all the social media link present at the footer of this page in the bottom- This question is 2 marks.

Results for the Challenge 1 will be announced on the following page

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