Locator Challenge 2 – Write up

Locator Challenge 2 was hosted on 14th of October 2020. Thanks to all the participants

Next Challenge registrations are now on. Please visit the locator Challenge page for all the details and registration information

Some numbers from Locator Challenge 2

More than 55 organization’s participated in this first challenge. Kudos to QualityKiosk for having the maximum participation.

The video recording of the session is now uploaded. Please see below.

Here are the seven questions which were part of the Second locator challenge.

Question 1

  1. How to write a cssSelector using a part of attribute value?
    For example: attributeValue = “gtr locator challenge” and here we have to write the cssSelector using value just “gtr”.
    1. tagName[attributeName=’part of attributeValue’]
    2. tagName[attributeName$=’part of attributeValue’]
    3. tagName[attributeName^=’part of attributeValue’]
    4. tagName[attributeName*=’part of attributeValue’]

Question 2

  1. Write the xpath for the search icon in this page and give a small explanation for your answer.

Question 3

Hover on first header Electronics then write the unique xpath for the dropdown value Mobile Accessories for the website ->

Question 4

  1. Get the price of all the Black color iphone on this page.

Question 5

Write the unique relative cssSelector and relative xpath without using indexes for the “Enter your email” box using the ‘name’ attribute.

Question 6

  1. For the website – :: Find an Xpath to select the result text (solid box) for the results section (dotted box), please see image below

Question 7

  1. For the website – ::: Find an Xpath which will be able to get the text of the links whose parents are either ofr Key Series or Quick Links. Please do not get the text which have the word ‘World’ in them. Please see the image below. So the xpath should fetch IPL 2020 to ICC Women;s Championship and also from Fantasy Pick to Hafte Kaa Khatabook except the ones which have the word “World” in them

Results for the Challenge 2 are now annuounced, please see the following url

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