Locator Challenge 3 – Write up

Locator Challenge 3 was hosted on 21st of October 2020. Thanks to all the participants

Next Challenge registrations are now on. Please visit the locator Challenge page for all the details and registration information.

Some numbers from Locator Challenge 3

More than 46 organization’s with 86 participant’s in this third challenge. Kudos to QualityKiosk for having the maximum participation.

Locator Challenge 3 Heatmap

The video recording of the session is now uploaded. Please see below.

Here are the seven questions which were part of the Third locator challenge.

Question 1
Is it mandatory to write attribute value inside a single or double quote for cssSelector?
a. Yes
b. No

Question 2
An element can not have more than one-
a. Ancestor
b. Descendant
c.  Parent
d. Child

Question 3
Write an xpath to get all the event names which are happening only in Oct.

Question 4
Write an xpath to get all the Patron(Monthly) names which are not the link. Here it should find the names written in point 13, 14 and 15.

LC3 Question 4 image

Question 5
What all possible selectors we can write for the selected element in the below image?
Please give a small description for the same.

LC3 Question 5 image

Question 6
For the given website, search for medicine Rhus Tox 200. It will open page displaying relevant medicines. You have to write an Xpath to show the %off for all the medicines which have name Rhus Tox or Rhus Toxicodendron. E.g it should show 2% off, 4% off etc.. for the relevant medicines on the entire page.

(like fig below)

LC3 Question 6 image

Question 7
For the same website, on the home page there are lot of menu items. Please provide xpath such that it is able to get all the submenu’s for Diabetes and for Homeopathy. Please see image below

LC3 Question 7 image

Results for the Challenge 3 are now annuounced, please see the following url

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