Locator Challenge 4 – Write up

Locator Challenge 4 was hosted on 28th of October 2020. Thanks to all the participants

Please visit the locator Challenge page for all the details and registration information.

Some numbers from Locator Challenge 4

More than 49 organization’s with 78 participant’s in this fourth challenge. Kudos to Amadeus Software Labs for having the maximum participation.


The video recording of the session is now uploaded. Please see below.

Here are the eight questions which were part of the Fourth locator challenge.

Question 1
Write the correct syntax for xpath of a pseudo element?

Question 2
Can we write the selectors for comment in DOM? If yes then mention the syntax.

Question 3
Suppose you use a locator which is finding more than one matching element and you use it with findElement method. In this case, will it work or not and if it works then on which element it will perform the action?

Question 4
Write a selector for the selected dom node using aria-label attribute by ignoring the uppercase/lowercase for attribute value.
I.e. aria-label=”Search Books” and aria-label=”Search BOOKS” both should work.


Question 5

Write the selector for the selected element in the below image and give the explanation.


Question 6
Write an XPath to get the number of views for all the Locator Challenge events videos. Highlighted in red circle in image.


Question 7
Write an XPath to get the number of counter values for days, hours, minutes and seconds for the following website home page. Please see image below


Question 8
For the website

For the section showing the points table on the home page( please see image below). Write an XPath to find out the form values like L W L for the Mumbai Indians MI, KXIP, and CSK.


Results for the Challenge 4 are now announced, please see the following url

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