Why use Python for Selenium

Selenium is a popular test automation tool which supports multiple programming languages, like Java, Python, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby set of languages.

Selenium with Java is one of the most popular implementations of it, but selenium with python is also gaining significant momentum, because of the steep rise in the popularity of python as a language, which as shown in diagram below occupies a significant market now.

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As testers who are now required to be empowered with coding skills, it’s a smart decision to pick a scripting language which has huge support for other test related activities. Python, has a very rich set of modules available in the Python package manager –, and with the help of it there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Python language index like syntax make it easier to be understood by programmer and non-programmer alike. You can compare the simplicity of a code in python yourself, by just comparing a helloWorld program written in java vs one in python.

Hello World in Java
class HelloWorld{
public static void main(String[] args){
System.out.println(“hello world”);

Hello World in Python
print(“hello world”) can see the level of complexity of writing code is greatly reduced with Python. With the new age practices coming into picture, there is a tendency now to use programming languages which are more natural and similar to English like language. Complexities like case sensitive, usage of brackets, semi colons are now bound to diminish and someday disappear in oblivion

Can you Learn Python from Scratch and also Selenium

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